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Welcome to Little Climbers Blog

Hello Friends, my name is Judy. I am the owner, creator, and all the things(er) of Little Climbers Playroom in Crystal River, Fl. I have two daughters, Raelyn and Riley, who are the light, love, and chaos of my world. I’m a regular mom who is just trying to raise productive members of society.

As a small business owner and mom of 2, our life can be very hectic sometimes (most of the time), which is why I’m creating this blog. I hope to inspire some joy, ease, and fun memories within these pages. Everything from creating magical moments to tips and tricks.

I opened Little Climbers Playroom in September of 2021. I grew up in Citrus County and lived in Ocala for about 4 years. We moved back to Crystal River and I noticed there was not alot of things to do with the littles in the county. This was a devastating to my mental health and the development and social aspect of my children. I set out on a journey to not just complain about the lack of activities but to change it. I created Little Climbers Playroom with my kids and other moms in mind. What do toddlers need? How can moms (stay at home or working) enjoy a break? How can I create a space for parents to rid chaos and connect with their children? After the pandemic how can I create a safe space for socialization?

I took all these questions and about a hundred more and got to work. I burned the midnight oil. And finally made my vision a reality and leased a 3000 sq foot space. I would put my kids to bed, come to the playroom and work for hours. My children were cared for all day, bath was done, dinner was done, and then I would come and work. I had to put together 47 chairs. Doesn’t sound like a lot. But chairs alone took me about a week to finish. And don’t get me started on all the toys, Kitchens sets, grocery store, pirate ship. That was a test of will and patience.

But Let’s skip to the good part! We are now open and ready to welcome you and your family!

We have open play areas for toddlers and a special farm play area for babies and crawlers. I set up a small retail section with unique finds and a reading nook for the littles. I also have a party room. Perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, gender reveals, or any other family get together. The best part is I do all the decorating, set up and clean up. You are able to just show up and enjoy your family and make memories.

I hope you stick around and come visit us soon! Maybe meet another parent or mom to share your own joy and chaos with.

I hope some of the tips and tricks I will be writting about will help to bring some joy to the craziness of parenthood!

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